Since its foundation in 1629, the School has always given means-tested financial support to a number of pupils whom we know will thrive at Chigwell but whose families cannot afford full fees. This support is known as a bursary which may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees, depending on the financial circumstances of applicants. Chigwell encourages applications from pupils who, without a bursary, would not be able to access an education of the highest quality, but who would thrive with the academic, extra-curricular and developmental opportunities offered here. The School offers bursaries in the belief that a first-class education in the broadest sense can change lives of the individuals, whilst they are at school and for their future.

Please see the Bursaries Policy.

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic merit, irrespective of financial means and awards are made each year, primarily at 11+ and on entry to the Sixth Form. In summary, the scholarships available are:

Academic scholarships, awarded at 11+, 13+ and on entry to the Sixth Form
Music scholarships, awarded at 11+, 13+ and on entry to the Sixth Form
Art and drama scholarships are awarded on entry to the Sixth Form
Applications for scholarships and bursaries can be made on the registration form. For further details, please the Admissions Policy.

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