Old Chigwellian Community

On leaving Chigwell School, all pupils automatically become members of the Old Chigwellians’ Association. The OCA has two objectives: to keep Old Chigwellians in touch with each other and to keep them in touch with the School. There is a vibrant OC community, with many OCs attending social and sports events at the OC Clubhouse, School and other venues. OCs support current pupils too with some kindly offering work experience or attending the annual careers convention.

The OCA is governed by the Executive Committee comprising elected officers, elected representatives and ex-officio members and this meets three times a year. There is also an annual AGM which takes place on OC Day to which all OCs are warmly invited.

The Development Office maintains a database of OC contact details and news of OC or School events are communicated to OCs regularly. In order to do so, the Development Office processes relevant personal data regarding OCs as part of its operation. Processing may include obtaining, recording, holding, disclosing, destroying or otherwise using data. All data is securely held by the Development Office under the terms of the Data Protection Act and will be treated confidentially and with the utmost care and respect.

If you have any enquiries please click  here to contact the Development office

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