Creating Business Links

We encourage Old Chigwellians who are working to offer:

  • advice and information about your profession or industry, usually via email although you may be able to offer face-to-face and telephone conversations as well
  • mentoring, work experience opportunities and internships (paid or unpaid) for university students and recent graduates where possible

If you feel you might be able to support Chigwell School as a Business Link, please contact the Development Office.

Helping our Careers Department

Old Chigwellians can also help our current pupils by becoming involved in activities organised by our Careers Department:

  • speaking to senior pupils at lunch time and after school talks
  • providing work experience.  Each year we place over 100 pupils in an area of employment that is potentially of interest to them during the summer holidays
  • help with our Careers Convention – an annual evening where pupils are encouraged to talk face-to-face with representatives from a wide range of careers

If you think you might be able to help in these ways, please contact the Development Office,

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