OCs have followed diverse educational and career pathways having left the School, and have gained a wealth of experience along the way. Sharing that knowledge and experience with other OCs or current pupils would be invaluable in providing them with first hand insight into life in the ‘real’ world.

If you feel that you could assist OCs starting out on their career journey or support current pupils by providing an insight into your career path by offering internships, giving a lecture or workshop, providing CV critique, interview practice, mentoring or even the provision of work shadowing or work placements we would like to hear from you.

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Old Chigwellian to Old Chigwellian Career Guidance and Networking

The Old Chigwellian Association professional networking group on LinkedIn continues to grow in size and is an invaluable resource for OCs to communicate with each other as professionals.

If you are a recent graduate or are taking the next step in your career you may find a valuable OCs contact in your chosen sector amongst our LinkedIn membership. This is a closed group so you can be confident that all members are genuine Old Chigwellians.

Please do join our LinkedIn group to make valuable contacts. The more active the membership of the group, the more effective it will become in building a professional OC networking community.

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