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Buds of Virtue
The Story of Chigwell School by David K Ballance
The story is a fascinating account of Chigwell School from its modest start in 1629 to the distinguished modern institution it is today. This book will entertain and absorb pupils and staff, past and present and others connected with the school and its community.
152 pages of 280mm X 210mm, about 120 illustrations, library quality hardbook binding
Price £ 15.00 (excluding postage)

The Register
This is a follow-up to the Register published in 1907, a complete list of all pupils who have attended Chigwell School from 1907 to 2003.
Price £ 7.50 (excluding postage)

Chigwell Poetry Book
Limited edition. An collection of poems from the School Archives, ranging from 1914 to the present time and covering many aspects of life at Chigwell.
Price £ 7.50 (excluding postage)

A Summer Term in an English Public School
by Hermann Sommermeier
A reprint of a fascinating and detailed description of what Chigwell School was like on the eve of the First World War, written (in English) by a German teacher, Hermann Sommermeier, and  published in Germany in 1914. Sommermeier taught at Chigwell in 1913 and died fighting for Germany in the First World War. His poignant story, which probably provided the inspiration for part of James Hilton’s ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips’, is related in a meticulously-researched introduction by Nicholas Dixon (OC).

52 pages of 250mm X 200mm, six original illustrations, booklet

Price £ 5.00 (excluding postage)

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